Generate and Add Your Hashes to our Database

# Character Count Status Read more
MD5 32 Warning Wikipedia , MD5 Collision
SHA-1 40 Warning Wikipedia , SHA-1 Collision
SHA-256 64 Ok Wikipedia
SHA-384 96 Ok Wikipedia
SHA-512 128 Ok Wikipedia


Easy and fast way to generate hashes based on your input such as passwords. Each generated hash and responding input is added to our database. By storing all generated hashes into our database we can offer you a reverse lookup.
Ideal for developers who forgot their password and want to search based on a hash.

Supported Hashing Algo's

We currently support: md5, sha-1, sha-256, sha-386 and sha-512.


We have more then 10.000.000 unique passwords registered in our database. With 50.000.000 unique hashes to search through.